Bowls South Africa Toolkit Posters Promo

Have you seen these posters?

These are some of the new posters available to bowling clubs in South Africa. If you see any of these while you’re out and about (like grocery shopping, getting a dental checkup or browsing the hardware store) take a photo, upload it to Facebook or Instagram and tag #1Sport4Life!

These posters make up just a part of the whole marketing Toolkit designed by Bowls SA’s M&M team. As well as three large posters, the Toolkit also contains brochures, badges, stickers and how-to’s for setting up a Business League, advertising bowls events at your club, welcoming new members and lots more.

Let us know how your local club has used these items, and remember to tag us in your photos if you spot these posters around town!


If you’d like to order some for your club, click here for the catalogue: M&M Toolkit Catalogue¬†and here for the order form: M&M Toolkit Order Form.