#ProudlyMyClub Online Talent Show

Win R1500 in online Talent show and raise funds for bowls clubs in community
Win R1500 in online Talent show.

While we are currently not able to resume participation in our Sport, the NSC M&M has the privilege of announcing the introduction of a #ProudlyMyClub Talent Show.
The initiative forms part of Bowls Awareness Month for May and will flow over to Youth Month in June. We would like to invite all clubs to make use of this opportunity to promote the sport as well as your club to your community.
Online talent show – Bowls South Africa will be holding an online talent show on our Bowls 1sport4life platform. All entry fees will be paid directly to each club taking part. The talent show will be run in 3 rounds – Club, District and National.
Round 1 (Club level) – All entries in the form of a 1-minute video are to be submitted to a club along with proof of payment of the R50 entry fee. Clubs would post each video to the club Facebook page. The community would then be asked to vote on entries by giving a video a ‘like’. The video with the most likes by the 16 June will move on to the next round. Clubs would need to promote the competition within their own community. Entries are to be sent to a club representative via WhatsApp or email along with proof of payment. Only one entry per person per club. Persons may also enter at another club if he/she wishes, but must pay an additional R50 to that club.
Round 2 (District level)- Each club to submit their winning video of Round 1 to NSC M&M by 16 June. These videos will be posted on our Bowls 1sport4life Facebook page per district. We will then ask the public to vote once more in the same way as per likes. Round 2 will end by 25 June.
The video with the most likes per district will move to the Top 20 and into the final round.
Round 3 (National Level) – Each district winner will be asked to submit a 3min video of talent. This will then be posted onto our
Facebook page and the public will once again be asked to vote. The video with the most likes by the 30 June will be crowned winner and receive the first prize of R1500 sponsored by Bowls South Africa and our kind sponsor.
Thanks to our kind sponsor the club with the winning entry will also receive R750.
Winners will be announced by live video on 1 July on the Bowls 1sport4life show.
Please find attached poster for Online talent show, how to start a Club Facebook page and data collection tool for entries.
All second-round entries must be emailed to mandm@bowlssa.co.za. by 27 June,
Find attached Poster, Terms and Conditions and a Toolkit on How to Create a Facebook Page for Clubs. A video on how to create a Facebook Page is also available on https://youtu.be/O5O_Vqp_RQw or https://www.facebook.com/1Sport4Life/.
Inquiries can be sent to Jacques Swanepoel at mandm@bowlssa.co.za.