Bowls 1Sport4Life

1Sport4Life goes live!

After much anticipation, the 1Sport4Life campaign launched at midnight on August 31st. This campaign is the product of many brainstorming sessions and many late nights spent thinking about how to grow the sport of bowls in South Africa. WE know it’s the best sport on the planet, but how do we share our enthusiasm with everyone out there who thinks it’s a boring game for retired people?

Meet 1Sport4Life.

This is how we, as bowlers, can share our sport with the world. If you’re new to bowls, head over to the “how to get started” page, where you will find all the info you need to get rolling! If you’re already a member of a bowls club, ask your club administrator to get your club added to the map. Make sure your club has a welcoming committee dedicated to making new bowlers feel welcome. When you see a new face at your club, go over and say hi!

What’s next?

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  • Post photos of you and your friends playing bowls and use the tag #1sport4life on social media