Marketing Toolkits and the Perfect Delivery Inter Districts

Guess who we spotted at the Inter Districts tournament in KwaZulu Natal?


Perfect Delivery Bowls South Africa Inter Districts M&M and Executive
Rob, Malcolm and Andy


It’s our favourite South African-Scotsman, Malcolm Webster from the Bowls SA M&M committee, with Rob Forbes and Andy Strong of the Bowls SA Executive committee at the Maritzburg Bowling Club.

Malcolm, Toolkit in hand, represented M&M at the tournament, with the aim of showing district and club committees what’s in the Marketing Toolkit and how to use the materials to grow membership at clubs.


Perfect Delivery Bowls South Africa Inter Districts M&M Toolkit
The M&M Marketing Toolkit


So if you notice a M&M representative at your next event, come over and say hi! We’re here to answer your questions.

Has your club ordered their Toolkit yet? You can find full details here:

Join us at these major bowls events in SA this year!

There’s something exciting about waking up early, packing the cooler box, getting dressed in your supporter’s gear and painting stripes of war paint on your face… ready to go cheer your favourite team on at a live sporting event!

Grab your hat and your sunscreen, check the lineup below for the next event in your area and join us there to cheer our bowlers on!


10 – 12 Feb |  Warwick Bowls SA Masters Singles Championship
Wanderers Club, Gauteng

13 – 17 Mar  |  Perfect Delivery Bowls SA Open Inter District Championship
WPCC Bowling Club, Western Cape

13 – 17 Mar  |  Perfect Delivery Bowls SA Senior Inter District Championship
Maritzburg Bowling Club, KwaZulu Natal

13 – 17 Mar  |  Bowls SA “B” Inter-District Championship
Riverside Bowling Club, KwaZulu Natal

04 – 07 Apr  | Bowls SA Under 15 National Championship
Orangia Bowling Club / Oud Studente Bowling Club, Free State

04 – 07 Apr  | Bowls SA Under 20 National Championship
Orangia Bowling Club / Oud Studente Bowling Club, Free State

04 – 07 Apr  | Warwick Bowls SA Under 30 Inter-District Championship
Bloemfontein Municipal Bowling Club, Free State

13 – 21 May  |  Warwick Bowls SA Men’s National Championship
Killarney Bowling Club, Gauteng

13 – 21 May  |  Warwick Bowls SA Women’s National Championship
Durbanville Bowling Club, Western Cape

21 – 24 Jun  |  SA Mixed Pairs Championship
Honeydew Bowling Club, Gauteng

30 Jul – 5 Aug  |  Disability Bowls National Championships
Discovery Bowling Club, Gauteng

09 – 17 Sep  |  African States Tournament
Venue to be announced, Gauteng


Have you seen these posters?

These are some of the new posters available to bowling clubs in South Africa. If you see any of these while you’re out and about (like grocery shopping, getting a dental checkup or browsing the hardware store) take a photo, upload it to Facebook or Instagram and tag #1Sport4Life!

These posters make up just a part of the whole marketing Toolkit designed by Bowls SA’s M&M team. As well as three large posters, the Toolkit also contains brochures, badges, stickers and how-to’s for setting up a Business League, advertising bowls events at your club, welcoming new members and lots more.

Let us know how your local club has used these items, and remember to tag us in your photos if you spot these posters around town!


If you’d like to order some for your club, click here for the catalogue: M&M Toolkit Catalogue and here for the order form: M&M Toolkit Order Form.

Our bowls are getting smaller!


Bowls South Africa has just started a massive nation-wide project to resize old bowls for clubs.
Why is this so cool?

Because it means that if you’re interested in trying bowls, your local bowling club will have a few beginner sets right there for you to use – for our youth and even for business league teams! Say hello to smaller, lighter, modern bowls! 😀

Bowlers, chat to your club Secretary for more information. Clubs, chat to your District Secretaries.
Click here to read the Circular.

1Sport4Life goes live!

After much anticipation, the 1Sport4Life campaign launched at midnight on August 31st. This campaign is the product of many brainstorming sessions and many late nights spent thinking about how to grow the sport of bowls in South Africa. WE know it’s the best sport on the planet, but how do we share our enthusiasm with everyone out there who thinks it’s a boring game for retired people?

Meet 1Sport4Life.

This is how we, as bowlers, can share our sport with the world. If you’re new to bowls, head over to the “how to get started” page, where you will find all the info you need to get rolling! If you’re already a member of a bowls club, ask your club administrator to get your club added to the map. Make sure your club has a welcoming committee dedicated to making new bowlers feel welcome. When you see a new face at your club, go over and say hi!

What’s next?

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