About Bowls #1Sport4Life

Bowls is a strategy-based sport with no age, gender or physical barriers.
#1Sport4Life is a proud initiative of Bowls South Africa.
We have only one goal: to show you that Bowls is the perfect sport for you!
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About the Sport of Bowls:

Lawn bowls is one of the best kept secrets in sporting circles, but with the current explosion in its popularity (particularly among younger players) that is changing fast!

Whether you’re looking for a recreational activity with plenty of social interaction or a fast-paced strategy-based sport offering the opportunity of achieving at the highest levels, lawn bowls is the logical choice.

If you thought lawn bowls is a sedate leisure activity just for older people, you are in for a pleasant shock. It can be a game of skill and strategic tactics or simply enjoyable and relaxing – it’s up to you!

It’s only in lawn bowls that sayings such as ‘How fast can you drive’ or ‘Being biased is a good thing’ or ‘Get one in the head’ or even ‘Hit the jack’ get a completely new meaning.

Bowls is #1Sport4Life – you can start at age 7 and still be enjoying it at 100! You don’t need substantial training or skills to have a great game on the green.

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About the 1Sport4Life Campaign:

The Bowls #1Sport4Life campaign is a Bowls South Africa initiative lead by the NSC for Membership & Marketing. The aim of this campaign is to grow the sport of Bowls in South Africa and to connect people with their nearest Bowls Club.

It’s as easy as this…

  1. Find out how to get started in Bowls
  2. Find your nearest Club
  3. Get in touch with the Ambassador at the Club and they will meet you at the green, show you around, introduce you to the game and to the other awesome people!